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February 10 2022

A long period!

Oh my! It’s been 3 and 1/2 months since I put up a post. We are just coming out of another lock down here in Ontario and if you follow the news media you realise that there is a lot of frustration in the people. As social creatures we do not do well limited to a very small amount of inter person relations. The long period of semi confinement has put most people on edge. My hope and prayer is that we as a group of diverse individuals will maintain a respect and care for others even when they do not see things as we do. It would be a very non-creative world if all of us thought the same. Be tolerant and love people, keep creating.

September 30 2021

Difficult Times?

 Spent a few hours at Katrina’s outdoor (in her front yard) art show last Sunday. The show was a Mississauga drive by show with her friend and artist Amanda. The response was not great inspite of the weather being very good. Not sure how well Amanda did but Katrina was happy with her sales. There was a large number of works to choose from very well presented. You can check out the pictures on Katrina’s Facebook page.

 Seems difficult to attract people to these shows even with reasonable advertising. I don’t know if that’s a Canadian thing or not.

 Anyway I must ask Amanda if she would like to post some of her work on this site.

September 25 2021

Getting Your Hands Dirty

 It’s been on my mind lately that there is a lot of individuals who need to but don’t get there hands dirty. I fall into this category recently as well. Look at the last time I wrote in this blog. We all have the things we want to do and the things we need to get done plus all the things we dream of doing. I’m not sure what keeps most people from just doing it. It maybe fear, fear of the unknown, fear of failure maybe fear of what others think or say. It could be we are just lazy! Whatever the reason for inaction it’s only action that will produce a result.

 Yesterday I talked to to some people about a place for our boat for the winter. I had been putting this off for several days feeling that the answer would be no and therefore what is the point? Well the answer was no but the action of actually asking removed the anxiety I had.

 So I got my hands dirty (so to speak). And it was good.!

 Go ahead let’s get dirty!

Here under The Frame will be thoughts, rants, raves, information and even help about things photographic, things creative and creativity.

March 16 2021

I can hardly believe it’s been more than 2 months since my last update here. We are still in Covid 19 lock down. No travel. no visits only people whom reside in your home allowed to be in your home. There is much depression spreading around as a result of all the confinement. A glimmer of hope however as the retail stores and restaurants are reopenning. Yeah!

Soon be able interview more people to add to this site.

Inspite of all the inconvience I have become aware of of what I think is a RELATIVELY NEW FORM OF PHOTOGRAPHIC BASED ART. I have been spending time doing online tutorials using Capture One software and it has revealed to me a whole new way to express a photographic image. Using new image enhancement functions and there built in AI the software provides techinques to subtlely or dramatically modify your images.

I personally am not a big fan of modifying an image to compensate for poor images resulting from lack of understanding or lack of training (we all are learning) but I have no reservations about modifying an image to produce a unique and original work ( a new piece of art).

There are people who willl say its not a true photgraphic representation but my arguement is that photography has aways been a 2D (and now 3D) abstaction of the world. So whether you like to create your images in camera a close as possible or a totally modify your image after I feel we are entering an excitng new era of photography based art. Create On!

January 4 2021

Well didn’t quite get back here the next day but! Happy New to all.!Here we are in Ontario Canada in a lock down, limited outside contact. Well a good time to work on my site and line up some new creative people for the site when the restrictions come off. Looking forward to a more open enviroment later this spring.

Picked up an online order today from Home Depot. It reminded me of my youth, we would go to A &W for rootbeer, pull up, place your order and wait for your order to be brought to you. A little different, used a smart phone to make the arrangements at the store but thinking this could become a permanent way buy packaged items.

Okay, back to writing some code, making modifications to my boat(home). Stay Well!

December 31 2020

Wow! I can’t hardly believe I haven’t updated his for almost 3 months! Since March of this year we up here in Ontario, Canada have been restricted by Covid 19 regulations on social activities. Since then I have not been able to produce any (in person) documentary interviews to add to this site. I suppose I could have stood back 2 meters and videoed or photographed our creative artists with thier masks on, nice muffled voices to record! But I did not. So I can only point to myself for the large gaps.

Well another year over and a new aboout to begin. I’m optimistic that 2021 will be a more fruitful year. I know of a few friends who have produced alot of creative work this past year and are looking forward to getting a chance to market these.

December 30 2020 “Early” Woke upwith this on my mind.

I can’t help but wonder what the governments of our nations and local governments are really attempting to accomplish with all the inefectual measures that have largely done nothing to prevent the spread of Covid 19 but have devisgtated our lives and economies. Governments feed us stories either directly or though the media creating fear in people thus enabling a much more supportive control over the population. Governments and the people (politicians) behind them have never been known for telling the truth or even keeping there commitments. Just look at the history of the US or Canadian governments. Ask the indiginous people of our nations? Do we really think that the goverenments are protecting us and care about the lives of our citizens.

Don’t want this to become a negitive bitch session so I will stop. Be back tommorow!

October 3 2020

Saw this leaf yesterday when I was out for my exercise walk, it was spaced away from the others. So, I thought it was practicing (anti) social distancing!

Trees in colour Port Credit

September 24 2020

Wow! I can hardly believe I haven’t been here for 6 months. Covid 19 shutdown most of Canada for 3 months with severely restricted access, only essential outings. Seems I shut myself down for longer than that. Due to Covid 19 there was zero ability to do any in person interviews or videos of new creative Canadians that resriction has lifted recently and we can resume building.

In spite of my lack of activity here I have been very busy the past 4 months spending time with our daughter who lost her summer employment due to Covid 19. Had a great time, caught some fish and photgraphed some beautiful early mourning sunrises.

Time to continue our search for talent … be back soon!

March 24 2020

Really happy to be adding Steve Puersten to our site today. Steve brings years of musical talent to our site. His Christian music is very original and inspiring! Have a listen under Creators Posts.

March 6 2020

Posting Kimberly Lemmen poet extraordinaire today, so glad to have her on the site. Currently editing another video to post here. Should have more up in a week or so.

Recieved this in an email from Seth Godin this mourning posting it here because it certainly relates to most creative people.

The problem for freelancers

Getting found.

No clients, no work.

And the clients have a problem as well: Figuring out who the truly good freelancers are.

A marketplace like Upwork is supposed to solve a classic two-sided problem like this one. But the problem is so difficult that marketplaces often make it worse (and charge too much as well).

They make it worse by pushing people to be bottom-fishing cheap commodity providers. If someone searches for ‘logo designer’, there is a huge amount of pressure to be the freelancer who checks all the boxes, has decent reviews and is also the cheapest.

The problem with that race to the bottom is that you might win. Compliance and commodity pricing can’t possibly work well for an independent freelancer, because there’s always someone cheaper than you.

And clients? Well, every once in a while a good client encounters a freelancer who is worth sticking with. The marketplaces, though, want to be sure to get paid for every hour worked, not simply surface the good ones. Upwork is trying to slip through a change in their terms of service (effective in four weeks) that will subject any client who hires a freelancer they found on their site to a fine of up to $50,000–per freelancer. That’s not good for either the freelancer or the client.

The gig economy is based on the magic of finding the right person for the right job. It falls apart when it becomes a commodity marketplace in which each freelancer struggles to be valued for the magic their able to create.

For most freelancers, the hard part isn’t doing the work–it’s being tricked into believing that they have to be the lowest bidder to succeed.

In the last few days I found several more creative people to discuss posting here on the site. Very excited about it. I have an artist-illustrator, a musician-songwriter, a writer and a poet can’t wait to get the postings up! Enjoy your day!


Just finished writing a piece for this space. Wrote it in another app. Highlighted it copied it pasted it. And it disappeared pasted in an old copy from another app. I have no idea how or why . Yet another lesson in posting one I can’t answer. Enjoy the day!


Got a lesson in details yesterday. We were streaming Lifehouse Church live to YouTube as we do every Sunday. But this Sunday I did not check the audio feed before we went live. You know the rest, no audio, of course our main man was out at the time. Checked the mix it was fine, checked the cabling at the mixer it was fine, turns out it was disconnected on stage somewhere. 28 minutes of no audio feed! very embarrassing!

Earlier this year

If you are an artist you will have a canvas or another medium that you create on. This is your frame. A photographer or videograph has a view either through the eyepiece or on the display screen. This is their frame. A sculpture has an material object of focus. This is their frame. The Frame is your world, everything in that frame is there for a purpose. You are responsible for its composition, you use that frame in all it’s entirety.

I have observed for quite awhile a lot of photographs with creative composition of the scene, especially people, only to be distracted by some object or area in the background pulling my attention away from the main subject. This seems to be occurring more and more in hired professional (?) photographers.

An artist painter does not unintentionally leave an area of their canvas distracting from the message they are illustrating neither does a sculpture unintentionally leave a gap in their sculpture. Or does a writer insert a chapter into a story that pulls the reader away to some irrelevant event. It seems more people need the read the first paragraph.

I realize there are times when you do not have control or choice of the background maybe a slight repositioning of the camera would help. It may not eliminate the problem but may put it in and area easier to manipulate with photoshop or another image editing program. There are a lot of people who will say ” I will fix it in photoshop” . I think these people have too much time on their hands. Post correction is very time consuming, wonderful if you had no options taking the image but no very profitable to use as an excuse for poor attention to your frame when making the original image. With in camera image manipulation making huge progress on the newest cameras it may soon give us the ability to remove an unwanted area in an image while we take the shot giving us the creativity of a painter or illustrator.

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